Beverage Program Consulting

At a time when restaurants carefully curate every last detail, from the décor to the lighting to the menu and the service, what distinguishes an average beverage program from an outstanding one is a unique vision, or point of view. 

There are big wine lists and finely honed lists and lists that highlight a particular subculture or region or theme, but every great wine list offers its own perspective on the world of wine and helps to define a restaurant’s identity within an overly crowded market. 

As a consultant, I’ll help you create and execute a customized beverage program that doesn’t just complement the cuisine coming out of the kitchen, but which makes a statement about who you are, how you’re different, and what you’re offering to your clientele.  

Sample Plans

Any single plan can be adapted or restructured to more closely meet your needs. 

The Basic

I will work with you in order to:

  • Establish general guidelines for structuring your beverage program, including presentation of the wine (size of list, format, layout, regions represented, etc) and basic staff training. 
  • Help you build relationships with the most innovative distributors in the NYC market, all of whom specialize in small-production, artisanal wines.
  • Select the specific picks for your opening day list, based on our initial discussions 
  • Offer advice for keeping the list updated and properly oriented as you move forward, both in terms of your overall vision and creative food pairings. 

The Comprehensive Setup

Elaborating upon the “basic setup” option, I’ll work more intimately with you and your team to build wine and wine service into your vision of your restaurant. In addition to putting together your opening day wine list, I will:

  • Oversee the sourcing and ordering of your wines prior to opening day, dealing directly with my preferred distributors. This will lay the ground for your future wholesale relationships and ensure that your wine program will be firmly established. 
  • Collaborate with your team during the initial steps of staff selection and training, helping to make decisions concerning the aesthetic and logistical choices of how to present wine options to customers, the selection of stemware, and wine storage. 
  • Personally source rare and older wines, which aren’t regularly available through regular distribution channels, helping to deepen your cellar and appeal to "wine savvy" patrons. 


Rather than just during the initial “setup” period, I’ll act as your consulting Beverage Director on an ongoing basis. Under this plan, I will:

  • Work intimately with on-premise staff to update the wine list, both through normal wholesale channels as well as other means (the auction market, private sellers, etc), in order to keep it fresh, exciting, and aligned with your evolving vision for your restaurant. 
  • Track the changing themes of the menu, and constantly work to deepen the older and rarer portion of your cellar. 
  • Directly oversee wine ordering, allowing you and your team to focus on all other aspects of the operation. 
  • Provide comprehensive staff education. 
  • Help you organize special events, such as tastings and wine dinners, including inviting winemakers to visit the restaurant. 

Guided Tastings
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Private Buying &
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